Chuck Taylor

The majority of people have big dreams growing up and Frenita Amerman was no exception. After graduating from high school, Frenita left Arkansas for Stephens College in Missouri to pursue her dream of being in the performing arts. However, her passion for wanting to perform on a larger stage overpowered her desire to complete her stay in college so she moved to Hollywood, California, to become a movie star. 

At 20 years old, Frenita was chasing her dream and, within a relatively short period of time, she found herself starring in a music video with singer/songwriter, Ralph Tresvant, and landing roles in movies such as “The Mask” with Jim Carrey and “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It seemed as though Frenita was well on her way.  Unfortunately, her dream that she was so close to achieving was cut short. 

Frenita returned home for a visit with her family and when she arrived, they noticed a growth on her neck. Upon consulting with a doctor, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her thyroid. She immediately underwent surgery to remove the growth and, in doing so, they severed the main nerve on her vocal cord causing her to lose her ability to speak. Medical professionals told Frenita that she would never talk again. With the same passion that drove her to Hollywood, she was determined to speak again and she sought the best holistic doctors and healers and followed their advice. Miraculously, after three years of not even being able to whisper a sound, Frenita’s voice returned! 

Now Frenita had to return to the work force and it was soon after that she met Gregg Amerman and began working with him in the direct sales industry. After literally attending every training Gregg conducted and through Frenita’s implementation of what she learned, Frenita became a top five producer company wide.  Because of her success, experience and ability to captivate audiences with her inspiring story and presence, she also became one of the company’s best trainers. 

After taking time away from the industry to raise a family, Frenita is now back and is once again achieving incredible results holding the highest earned title in FES as a Senior Vice President as well as being one of FES University’s most inspirational trainers. Frenita and Gregg Amerman have an incredible relationship of almost 20 years, three beautiful children and a life of tremendous happiness. Together they work as a dynamic duo motivating, teaching, coaching, inspiring and helping FES Agents to achieve their greatest personal and financial goals and desires.