At an early age, Jill knew that her dreams would span nationwide and that she wanted to have a career that would combine her creativity and her love of people. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, her parents taught her the value of a good education and she is proud to be the first college graduate in her family. Jill earned a degree in Fashion and, after college, moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she began working as a fashion stylist for feature films and television rapidly developing a celebrity clientele. However glamorous it appeared on the outside, this career field proved to be unstable and not as fulfilling as she had dreamed.

Searching for more stability, Jill made a move into corporate America. However, with this transition, it was not long before she found herself stuck in a corporate sales environment, once again, feeling unfulfilled. As she began searching for a new job, an entrepreneurial opportunity presented itself and inspired her to begin a new path into the direct sales industry. In this new endeavor, Jill was fortunate to be mentored by Gregg Amerman and combined what she learned with her determination, persistence and consistent work ethic earning many accolades and honors for her achievements.

Working with FES, Jill has achieved the position of Regional Vice President and is excited to be a Trainer with FES University. She travels nationwide sharing with others how they, too, can enrich their lives by becoming a part of the FES team. Her passion and dedication have allowed her to blossom and thrive in an environment where she can finally fulfill her dreams.