Growing up in Salisbury, MA, Joe Locke’s parents stressed the importance of education and had high hopes that he would follow in his father's footsteps of attending Boston College. However, that plan changed because Joe felt there was something much bigger out there for him. So, he decided to move clear across the country to Southern California, ready and eager to find opportunity.

While Joe took to the sun and fun of the west coast very well, the most significant thing that happened to him was his introduction to the direct selling industry. Joe got so excited and motivated by what he saw that he spent the next ten plus years working diligently to become not only one of the top producers in the company but also solidifying himself as one of their very best sales trainers. It was evident that Joe's real passion was for training, coaching and helping people to grow both financially and personally.

Joe has since trained hundreds of thousands of individuals in the direct selling industry, as well as private corporations, generating remarkable success story after success story of people who continually credit Joe for their success.

Joe's success in FES is also well documented.  In addition, to being a Vice President, he is a top money earner, a member of the R&R Club (Audi Owner) and has a team of thousands that span from coast to coast.

Finally, not only does Joe possess the documented success and experience, but his unique talent of combining education and entertainment makes him a natural fit for FES University. Gregg Amerman, the FES University Director of Training says, “Joe was born to be a trainer. It’s in his blood and we are proud to have him on our team helping us wake people up one person at a time!”