Don’t Risk Missing This Powerful Program That Is Sure To Propel Your Business All The Way Into Convention!

Forging of Leaders is an absolute must! Each FOL is an original training based on the stage and status of the company and the Agents at the time that the event takes place. That means NO TWO FOL’s ARE THE SAME!


Breakout Sessions Include:

- How To Overcome Objections

- Gaining Expertise On Wills, Trusts & POA and Financial Lockbox

- Understanding and Utilizing DebtZero

- Establishing Corporate Accounts

- Protection Plan Sales Techniques

- Conducting An Effective Presentation

- How To Get People To Trainings

General Sessions Include:

- New Compensation Plan Strategies
(A Clear Understanding Of The Comp Plan)

* Maximizing Your Income

* Advanced Structuring and Placement Techniques

* Establishing Sales Through Multiple Referral Sources

- Leadership Training

* How To Develop Your Agents and Motivate Your Team

* How To Confront and Hold Your Personally Sponsored Agents and Team Accountable

* How To Ensure A Long Term Sustainable Business and Income

- Protection Plan Updates and Enhancements
- Communication/Marketing Support Update

- Training Platform Update

- Plus Scheduled Visits To FES Corporate Headquarters And A Personal Tour With Co-Founder & CEO Parimal Naik & Co-Founder & President Mike Toloff! A Tremendous Chance To Gain Confidence And A Stronger Belief That You Represent The Best Company In America!

On-Site Tuition Is $398.00

Season Pass Holder Pre-Registration Tuition Is $199.00

Limited Seating!



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