Life Is Nothing But A Big Show



Our life’s journey is a direct parallel to that of a theatrical performance. The opening curtain represents the beginning of our life. Throughout our lives, we’re going to wear many different hats and costumes and perform many different roles. We’ll perform in many different acts and scenes. It will consist of action, adventure, fantasy, drama, comedy, romance, horror, a few tearjerkers, and even some sci-fi (weird stuff). The quality of our performance will be determined by our mindset, skill-set, and our commitment to rehearsing, but also for our ability to adapt, adjust and ad lib when we are faced with unanticipated obstacles and circumstances.

Like a show, our life takes place in front of a live audience, just like The Big Show. So, while you can work hard to prepare, you still have no way of predicting the future and, therefore, you must be ready for anything as well as carrying the attitude of “expect the best and prepare for the worst”, because in a live performance anything can happen.

Finally, when the show comes to a close, the bows are taken and the curtain comes down for the last time. We will all be remembered for one thing…our performance and the impact it had on people’s lives. So, it’s lights, camera, action on the biggest stage ever, for the biggest star ever and that’s why life should be lived only one way…like a Big Show! 

See you at "The Big Show"!

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